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'''International Artists''' ('''IA''') was an independent record label based in Houston, Texas that originally existed from 1965 in music|1965 to 1970 in music|1970. During its existence IA released 12 albums and 39 singlesThe International Artists label, Story and Discography by Patrick Lundborg, 2008 and was owned by a group of businessmen in Houston. Among its staff were producer Lelan Rogers, brother of country music|country singer Kenny Rogers. The label is famous for its roster of well-known Texas psychedelic rock bands, including The 13th Floor Elevators, The Red Crayola and Bubble Puppy, as well as lesser known bands such as The Golden Dawn (Psychedelic rock band)|The Golden Dawn, Lost And Found and Endle St. Cloud. International Artists also released an album by blues guitarist Lightnin' Hopkins that featured session work by the 13th Floor...
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